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© 2006 Torben Westergaard




First things first. This is music unequalled. The melodies keep opening themselves up, almost like Chinese boxes. Jazzspecial, Denmark, 2006

【Torben Westergaard "Oktober"】トーベン・ヴェスタゴー『オクトーバー』

  • 1. The Eagle And The Great Tit

    2. Anna

    3. Glemsel      

    4. Day In, Day Out     

    5. Thee And That       

    6. E.M.I.L       

    7. Enos (The First Primate In Space)  

    8. God Know What Awaits      

    9. The Countryside Landed     

    10. Tromsø     

    11. Surya Namaskara A         

    12. Tromsø Dubmix

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